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Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney in Denver, Colorado

Stephen P. Holmes Attorney at Law represents all victims of different types of motor vehicle accident cases.
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Auto Accident
When an auto accident results in devastating injuries or the death of a family member, it's important to rely on an attorney that is experienced in pursuing such claims. Stephen P. Holmes has been representing victims of auto accidents since 1985. This claim can cover expenses related to bodily injury, including medical bills, lost income, pain, mental stress, and other hardships. Recovery is typically made against the at fault person's bodily injury insurance coverage and in certain circumstances also from your underinsured motorist coverage. Contact Stephen P. Holmes with regard to review and representation for your bodily injury claim against the at fault driver. He will also examine your insurance policy for a potential underinsured claim and make sure you don't do anything that violates its terms. Violating its terms may jeopardize your right to make an underinsured motorist claim.
Motorcycle Accident
Public Transportation Accident
Uninsured Motorist
Truck Accident
Bicycle Accident
Drunk Driving Accident